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Our Social Programs

The population of Indonesia that does not have access to clean water is between 10% – 20% (depending on source). These rural families live in extreme poverty making less than $3 a day, and 10% of their children die from diarrheal diseases caused by dirty water before reaching the age of 5. We believe that in 5 years we can save more than 150 lives and hopefully many more as this number only accounts for filters provided to households through our day-to-day work with at-risk families. While we continue to grow our social enterprise through the Purchase with a Purpose in urban areas our Social Programs ensure we stay focused on getting filters to families that need them the most.

One for One Program

This program is dedicated to ensuring that families at the highest risk of disease and death who have no other means to acquire drinking water have an Eco Air filter. We will work with NGO’s that are already working in these neighborhoods to identify families in need, and for every Premium filter sold through this program we donate a filter to a family.

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Disaster Relief Program

While our target region had 6 major disasters in 2018, it had many more minor disasters. Indonesia’s government expects that over 2,500 natural disasters will occur in 2019. We want to get ahead of the next disaster. Your support allows us to have filters in our cache that we have ready and waiting for the next disaster. Our partners such as the Rotary Club of Canggu, the Indonesian Red Cross and Y are also still supporting the recovery effort in areas such as northwestern Lombok.

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School WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) Program

Through our School WASH Program a local organization, business or corporation donates a filter to a school identified by our NGO partners. The organization, business or corporation then helps fund and volunteers to teach ongoing WASH education at that school once a month for a minimum one-year commitment. The WASH curriculum will include subjects such as proper hand washing, understanding where diseases come from, why it’s important to clean your body with soap, among others.

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Corporate Social Responsibility Program (CSR)

Through the CSR program we will identify corporate partners who want to give back. One way is through the School WASH Program. Another is through fundraising. Since Eco Air is a social enterprise, we cannot accept donations, so we will work together with local NGO’s to help fundraise for our most at-risk clients. Fundraising will include community events such as fun runs, cultural festivals, and auctioning off artistic filters as well as conventional fundraising efforts.

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Refill, Recycle, and Repurpose Program

Our social objective to lessen our impact on the environment is more than just an environmentally friendly factory and production process. We will always look for eco- minded partners to help us educate communities on minimizing waste and get involved to create innovative filter containers made of food-safe reused, recycled materials that are one-of-a-kind works of art.

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